Terms of Service

This ddl.to Service Agreement (the "Agreement") describes the terms and conditions on which ddl.to ("we") offer services to you ("User"). By using our services, User agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

- We reserve the right to disable direct linking on user accounts that are using excessive bandwidth or otherwise abusing the system.

- Pornography, nudity, sexual images and any kind offensive images or videos are prohibited. Copyrighted material are also strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to decide appropriate content and can delete images or videos at any time without User notification.

- Users must agree to comply with all laws which apply to their location, including copyright and trademark laws. Images, videos and files that violate copyrights or trademarks are not allowed. If someone has an infringement claim against you, you will be asked to remove the copyrighted file until the issue is resolved. If there is a dispute between participants on this site, is under no obligation to become involved.

- is not liable for your images, videos or files or any lost business due to the unavailability or loss of the website. We make no claims of future reliability in serving, hosting or storing your images, videos or files.

ddl.to is commited to cooperate with any and all legal authorities if an investigation should arise.

General Provisions

1.1 DDL provides its services exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as "Ts&Cs". The provisions contained in these Ts&Cs do not constitute any rights for the benefit of third parties.
1.2 DDL reserves the right to amend the provisions of these Ts&Cs with future effect without the User’s prior consent, provided such amendment is reasonable for the User under consideration of DDL's interests. DDL gives notice of such amendments within the scope of its services and will make such amendments public and accessible via www.ddl.to/legal. If the User uses the service after the amendment date, the User agrees to the amended Ts&Cs. Section 7.3 remains unaffected by the above provision.
1.3 The User is obligated to acknowledge that all rights to DDL's service, including industrial property rights, are the exclusive property of DDL. The above provision applies in no event to files/content stored/uploaded by the User. The User is not authorized to exploit or use such rights or to remove any references to DDL's copyrights in any event without DDL's express written consent. For example, to copy DDL's service, in whole or in part, and to use DDL's service in other online offerings.
1.4 These Ts&Cs and any agreements entered into based on these Ts&Cs are governed by the laws of zzzzz. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the rules of International Private Law, as well as any reference to such provisions and rules is excluded.
1.5 The place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from or in connection with these Ts&Cs is, to the extent permitted by law, the respective registered seat of DDL. DDL is, however, entitled to enforce judicial orders at the seat of the User. This applies also, in the event DDL brings actions or damage claims against Users.
1.6 Should a provision or several provisions of these Ts&Cs be or become invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, this does not affect the validity and/or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Ts&Cs.


General Services

2.1 DDL provides its Users access to the service; DDL is generally authorized to permit only registered Users the use of certain services.
2.2 The User has, in general, a claim to the uninterrupted availability of the service. DDL will use its best efforts to warrant service availability 24 hours a day and seven days a week. DDL reserves the right to restrict the contractually agreed services for the purpose of security related measures, such as maintenance or technical innovations. This provision applies also to measures required for operations. In the event of unscheduled measures, DDL will endeavor to provide the Users with reasonable advance notice and to restore the availability of the service. Should DDL's service be unavailable, this does not constitute any claims of the User to warranty or damages or compensation of expenses/costs.
2.3 In the event of availability interruptions it is possible that a certain number of requests cannot be recorded and/or logged. Such event does not constitute any claims of the User to warranty or damages or compensation of expenses/costs.
2.4 DDL is not obligated to provide its services in the event of force majeure. Force majeure events can include:
  • If the delivery of goods or services by suppliers is delayed or canceled (provided such delay or cancellation is caused by force majeure)
  • Power failures and interruptions or destruction of power lines beyond DDL's sphere of responsibility
  • Strike and lock-out
  • Software based attacks by Users or third parties, such as malicious software or DDoS attacks
  • Official or judicial orders
But also such cases DDL could not have prevented by applying reasonable care. DDL is obligated, in general, to perform certain security measures. Such obligation does, however, not obligate DDL to exclude the occurrence of force majeure events.
2.5 DDL may perform changes to DDL's service design and structure, as well as to service upkeep or improvement in the form of technical innovations and/or to implement up-to-date software versions, at any time.



3.1 Files, which the Uploader/User uploads/stores and which DDL stores on behalf of the Uploader/User, are considered to be external third party information. This information is not the property or responsibility of DDL.
3.2 If the Uploader/User uploads files that link from external third party internet offerings / third party web pages via hyperlinks, DDL also considers such information to be external third party information. This information is not the property or responsibility of DDL and DDL assumes no responsibility or warranty for the availability of external internet offerings / third party web pages.
3.3 DDL is, in particular, not responsible for such external third party information, if DDL has no knowledge of any unlawful acts or the unlawfulness of such third party information and if, in the event of damage claims, DDL has no knowledge of any facts or circumstances which constitute an unlawful act or based on which the unlawfulness of such external third party information becomes obvious and/or DDL has gained knowledge of such facts or circumstances and took measures without undue delay and has removed such information or blocked access to such information. The above provision does not constitute any rights vis-à-vis third parties in any case.
3.4 The User is not entitled to any remuneration for the uploading/storing of files, unless remuneration is agreed between the User and DDL.


Prohibited Files/Content/Information

4.1 The User is, in general, not authorized to upload or store files and/or make files publicly available using DDL's service that do not comply with these Ts&Cs and/or applicable law. The Uploader represents/guarantees that it possesses all required rights as owner or in the form of a utilization right to the files/content/information uploaded/stored by the Uploader to the extent such rights are required by these Ts&Cs. In addition, the Uploader represents/guarantees that the publishing, storing, editing and/or procuring of the files stored/uploaded by the Uploader does not infringe upon applicable laws, rights of third parties or these Ts&Cs.
4.2 Incompatible with these Ts&Cs are, in particular, files/content/information that contain malicious software of any kind, such as computer viruses, infringe upon patent, trademark or copyrights, i.e. intellectual property rights, that violate human dignity (by depicting dying or physically or mentally ill human beings), that have pornographic content, in particular depicting children or young persons and/or misuse of animals, that play-down violence, incite people, are racist, glorify violence and/or war, support terrorism, contain depictions that play-down violence, deny, play-down or even glorify national socialism, that obviously prevent or impair the development of children and/or young persons to become responsible personalities or to seriously jeopardize such development, that contain insults, libel or defamation, that contain private or personal data without consent of the affected individual or without statutory authorization, as well as any information that contains hate/slander/malice/contempt regarding parts of the population and/or groups and, as such, attack human dignity.
4.3 DDL may block or delete files that infringe upon these Ts&Cs and/or applicable law, in whole or in part, without prior notice, if third parties inform DDL of any such infringement or DDL gains knowledge of such infringement by its own proactive measures or if courts and/or authorities inform DDL of any such infringement and request that such files not be stored or published.
4.4 Should the User grossly or repeatedly violate these Ts&Cs and/or applicable laws, DDL is authorized to block the User's access to DDL's service, in part or in whole, or to extraordinarily terminate the User's agreement with DDL in grave cases.
4.5 The User indemnifies DDL from and against all claims of third parties that such third parties assert based on any violation of their rights by the User due to any infringements. In the event damages or expenditures incurred by DDL or DDL's advertising partners are asserted based on infringements upon or violations of these Ts&Cs by files/content/information of the User, the User is obligated to bear or reimburse such damages or expenditures, unless the User is not obligated to bear or reimburse such damages or expenditures.
4.6 DDL will take measures to protect intellectual property rights or third party rights to the extent reasonable and feasible, in particular as precaution against infringements or to identify infringements in order to remove or prevent such infringements. Should the User be or become aware of the fact that its stored/uploaded files/content/information violate these Ts&Cs or applicable laws or third party intellectual property rights, the User will notify DDL without undue delay of such hyperlinks that link to such files/content/information using a Takedown Notice. DDL may block or delete access to such files/content/information and DDL may integrate such files/content/information into its data filters.


Provisions regarding Security of stored Files/Content/Information

5.1 These Ts&Cs do not obligate DDL to pass on or provide an overview of the available/stored files under DDL's service.
5.2 DDL does not open and/or inspect the Users' stored files/content/information, unless DDL is required to do so based on official or judicial orders. DDL does not catalog the aforementioned files/content/information or list it in tables of content. DDL does not provide a search function with which DDL's service could be searched.
5.3 DDL has no influence on which individuals or persons are downloading files/content/information stored/uploaded by a User, using DDL's service for stored files/content/information. DDL will not disclose to third parties the information under which Internet address files/content/information stored/uploaded by a User can be accessed using DDL's service, unless DDL is obligated to disclose such information based on statutory or official orders.


Provisions regarding Deletion of stored Files/Content/Information

6.1 Should the User's stored/uploaded files/content/information violate applicable laws or these Ts&Cs, DDL is authorized to refuse the storing/uploading of such files/content/information in advance or to store such files/content/information under a different link. This provision applies, in particular, to files/content/information that contains discriminating, violence glorifying, racist and copyright protected depictions, in such case DDL is obligated or requested by third parties to block, delete or otherwise store such files/content/information.
6.2 DDL is authorized to delete files/content/information stored/uploaded by a User who uses DDL's service free of charge, if the volume provided to the User is exceeded or if the agreement is terminated, for example because the agreement term has expired or the agreement has been terminated or extraordinarily terminated.
6.3 DDL expressly indicates that the User has no claim whatsoever to a perpetual and/or unlimited storage of its files/content/information. DDL also informs the User that the technical environment is subject to change.
6.4 DDL is authorized to delete files/content/information stored/uploaded by a User who uses DDL's service against a service fee, if the storage volume provided to the User in its account is exceeded or if the agreement has been terminated or extraordinarily terminated.


Provisions regarding Registered/Logged-in Users


General User Duties

7.1.1 The User undertakes to provide its data/information required for the conclusion of the agreement and/or utilization truthfully and completely. DDL is to be notified in text form without undue delay, if such data/information has changed.
7.1.2 In addition, the User undertakes to ensure that the User regularly checks its e-mail inbox to ensure that the available storage volume is sufficient for incoming e-mails and that the User is able to immediately inspect the content of incoming e-mails. Furthermore, the User is obligated to ensure that only the User has access to the stated e-mail inbox and that only the User is authorized to send e-mails.
7.1.3 The User guarantees that the requirements for the flawless utilization of DDL's services regarding hardware and software, as well as the connection to the Internet are met and available. The costs for the fulfillment of such requirements are solely borne by the User.
7.1.4 The utilization of DDL's services i.e. DDL's service by the User does not impair the provision of services by DDL.
7.1.5 The User is responsible for taking precautions to secure its system. In addition, the User assures that regular back-ups of the files/content/information are made. The User applies software to provide protection against malicious software, such as computer viruses. DDL is not liable or responsible for any damages caused by malicious software.
7.1.6 The User is obligated to notify DDL in text form without undue delay in the event of any complaints regarding DDL's services.


Duties of the User regarding Access Data

7.2.1 The application for membership requires the registration of the applicant; the User will be provided with the access data after such registration. The User guarantees that it will treat its access data confidentially and that it will not disclose such data to third parties. In addition, the User guarantees to protect such access data from any third party access.
7.2.2 In the event that there is reason for the assumption that third parties or unauthorized persons have gained knowledge or access to the User's access data, the User is obligated to notify DDL of such circumstances without undue delay.
7.2.3 The User is not authorized to provide its access/account to a third party, in any case. Lease or sale is not permitted, in any case.


Amendments to the Agreement

7.3.1 DDL may amend the registration agreement, including these Ts&Cs, at any time, provided such amendment is reasonable to the User.
7.3.2 DDL will notify the User of the intent to amend the agreement at least eight weeks prior to such amendment entering into force. The User may object to such amendment to the agreement within a six week period after such amendment entered into force via letter, telefax or e-mail.
7.3.3 The amendment to the agreement becomes effective, if the objection to such amendment to the agreement is not properly received as to form and time and the amendment notice was properly provided to the User with reference to the User's right to object to such amendment to the agreement and further provided that such amendment to the agreement is reasonable.
7.3.4 The amendment to the agreement does not become effective, if the User properly objects to such amendment to the agreement or DDL did not provide a proper amendment notice regarding the reference to the consequences of a failure to object. The above provision also applies, if the amendment to the agreement is unreasonable to the User. In the event of an ineffective amendment to the agreement, both parties may extraordinarily terminate the respective agreement as of the amendment date.


Transfer and Assignment of Agreements

7.4.1 DDL may transfer all concluded agreements with all rights and duties connected to them to third parties. Such transfer of agreements relates to agreements that were concluded on the basis of these Ts&Cs.
7.4.2 DDL will give notice of such transfer of agreement at least eight weeks prior to and including the effective date of such transfer. Such transfer of agreement notice will include a statement that the User may object to such transfer of agreement within a period of six weeks after the effective date of the transfer of agreement via letter, telefax or e-mail. The transfer of agreement does not become effective, if the objection to such transfer of agreement is properly received as to form and time or DDL did not properly reference the legal consequences if the User fails to object to such transfer of agreement. In such event, each party to the agreement may extraordinarily terminate the agreement as of the transfer date. The transfer of agreement becomes effective, if the objection to such transfer of agreement is not properly received as to form and time and DDL's transfer of agreement notice was properly provided to the User with reference to the legal consequences, if the User fails to object to such transfer of agreement.

Consent according to Data Protection Law

The User hereby expressly agrees that DDL is also authorized to transfer personal data to a buyer in the event of the transfer of agreement. DDL may refuse to accept a registration agreement, if the User does not provide its consent to such transfer of personal data. In addition, the User may revoke such consent in future. In such event, DDL may extraordinarily terminate the agreement with immediate effect.


Termination of the Agreement

7.5.1 The registration agreement is, in general, concluded for an indefinite period. This provision does, however, not apply, if the agreement is concluded for a fixed term. If a fixed agreement term is not agreed between the parties, the User may terminate the agreement with a notice period of 14 calendar days to month’s end. The registration agreement ends with the expiry of the agreement term, if agreed. The right of both parties to extraordinary termination and termination for good cause, as well as DDL's right to block the User's access remains unaffected, even if a fixed agreement term was agreed.
7.5.2In the event the agreement is terminated, DDL is authorized to delete all of the User's data, including the deactivation of the User's profile, without prior notice, at any time. The statutory preservation and/or archiving obligations remain, however, unaffected therefrom. The User has no claim whatsoever to the return of its data after the termination of the agreement.


Blocking of Access

7.6.1 DDL is, in general, authorized to block the User's access to the service in whole or in part. This applies, in particular, in the following cases:
  • to ensure IT security
  • after the User's access data has been entered incorrectly three times
  • enforcement of intellectual property rights
In addition, DDL is authorized to give the User a warning, if the User violates its contractual duties or other obligations. Such warning may have the consequence that DDL blocks the User's access, in whole or in part, and/or extraordinarily terminates the agreement with the User. DDL's right to claim damages for incurred losses or expenditures remains unaffected therefrom.
7.6.2Should DDL became aware of facts that make misuse of the User's access data or a violation of these Ts&Cs apparent, DDL may block the User's access entirely or temporarily, if required and reasonable. In such case, DDL may demand and assert damages for all costs incurred in connection with all measures required to facilitate the prosecution of such misuse or for the prosecution of such violation of these Ts&Cs.


Advertising Measures

Advertising design and its presentation and publishing is the sole responsibility of DDL at its own discretion. This applies, in particular, during the downloading period. The respective advertising form may also be selected by DDL at its own discretion.


Data Protection Provisions

The data protection provisions, as well as the data privacy statement, are provided and published by DDL at www.ddl.to/privacy.


Exclusion of Liability

DDL is not liable for expenditures or damages or recourse claims, in particular for damage claims for lost profits or reimbursement of consequential and indirect damages. DDL's liability pursuant to mandatory statutory provisions remains unaffected therefrom.


Definitions and Terms

„User“ is defined as a natural person, who uses or has used DDL services.

„Uploader“ ” is defined as a User, who uploads or has uploaded files to DDL.